Who are we?

From executive manager / material coordinator Susanna’s pen

I am our association’s executive manager and material coordinator Susanna Oikari. I came to faith about 10 years ago. After I came to faith, I studied to become a police officer and worked as a police officer for about five years. Today, I am fully doing the work of God’s kingdom, as an evangelist in the Lord’s living field, and my biggest request to God is that people could be saved to eternal life.

In the year 2023 (before the founding of this association) I shared 17,000 Christian booklets, 144 Bibles and 55 New Testaments on the street and in postboxes. Now I import and forward booklets to others for distribution, and I still distribute them myself.

In the fall of 2023, before the founding of this association, I received the same prophecy three times. 1) as prophesied by my sister in faith from Vaasa, 2) by a prophecy shared by a sister from South Ostrobothnia in a prayer group in South Ostrobothnia, and 3) by a Swedish guest speaker about an Israeli woman’s prophecy at the Seinäjoki Pentecostal Church in a conference that lasted over the weekend. The prophecy showed a map of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The arrow of the bowgun was over these countries, the nockpoint in Finland, the shaft in Sweden and the arrowhead in Norway. The arrow was broken in the middle. In the prophecy, the arrow on the bow gun was drawn from where its end was, i.e. from Finland. In the prophecy, the arrow of the bow gun cut from Finland to Sweden from the heights of Umeå and continued from there to Norway.

The previous Finnish WMPress coordinator, my brother in faith Ali Niemelä, called me on Saturday 13 January 2024 in the evening. Ali had felt that I would be the next successor to the material coordinator job he had been doing for 14 years, while Ali would be able to focus on, among other things, Christian street work, prison work and the Ex Criminals program broadcast on Radio Dei, which he hosts together with his co-host Lauri “Late” Johansson. I considered Ali’s offer overnight and announced the next day that I would accept the job of materials coordinator. I remembered the ‘bow arrow over Finland, Sweden and Norway with a broken bow’ prophecy, and I realized that there are no WMPress material coordinators in Sweden and Norway. I felt that Ali’s work must continue in Finland, it cannot end. God loves Scandinavia! He loves us! We are important and precious to Him.

On January 22, 2024, we founded the background association Maksettu Golgatan Ristillä ry (in English: Paid on the Cross of Calvary) with a group of three people to do material and evangelistic work. The headquarters of our association is Laihia, Ostrobothnia, Finland, near Vaasa. The name of our association was given by our vice chairperson Leena.

From Leena’s pen, vice chairperson of the board

I came to faith as a 9-year-old girl. I read in the Bible from Mark 16:15: ”Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” That passage from the Bible moved me. In that moment, I decided to become a street evangelist. From that moment on, I have considered the mission commandment given by Jesus as the most important instruction of my life. I have been able to serve Jesus by handing out tracts to the people I meet and sharing with them the good news about Jesus. I realized that I should not collect the treasures of this world, because one day they will all perish. Out of love for my Lord, I want to work in His field and win souls for Jesus.

Susanna Oikari

Executive manager / material coordinator

Miika Oikari


Leena Laasanen

Vice Chairperson